Crab Kalash!

Rather than subtitle Yankee TV shows and movies, Turkish producers remake the shows. Sometimes with terrifying results.


Tim Bailey said…
Ah ha ha ha ha haaaaaa!

That is AWESOME! It's so bad, it's good! There is nothing so fascinating as people earnestly trying to make something so awful believable and entertaining. That's half the fascination of Dr. Who, after all. The turkish Mr. Spock needs a better hairstylist, and Captain Kirk -- well, he's just atrocious. All the more amusing.

I nearly fell off my chair when they beamed down to the planet -- They appear on the main street in Ephesus! I guess that's one thing they would have over the US produstion: they sure wouldn't need a soundstage to evoke the ruins of a decaying ancient civilization. I wonder how they would manage to keep the goats out of the shots, though?

And you know, Mike: as awful as this is, we would have still watched it three times a day if we'd been Turkish kids in the 70's.

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