A Nelly Furtado Moment

I'm sorry. I'll come back later to kick you... I promiseNelly Furtado is going to return to her home town of Victoria, BC and celebrate Nelly Furtado day on March 21st. She will go on to perform at Save-On-Food Memorial Place Centre Arena (etc.). I thought I would harken back to one of Nelly's concerts here a few years back...

After performing her set, Nelly left the stage. Backstage, there were throngs of people crushing to get close to the pop star. At the top of the stairs was Nelly. At the bottom were adoring fans. In between her and the mob was a dumpy security guard facing the crowd. Nelly wanted through, so she booted the security guard in the ass and sent him flying so that she could continue on.

C'mon, Victorians! Let's all share some choice Nelly moments. Did anyone suffer her in high school drama class? Was she your nightmare date in High School? Dish! Dish in time for Nelly Furtado Day! Leave me a comment with a link to your anecdotes and I will make sure they appear below.


Tim Bailey said…
Mike, it's time for you to come clean: YOU were that security guard, weren't you?
Mike DeWolfe said…
I admit to being dumpy.
I admit that the secondary role of my ass is for kicking.
But, I was not that security guard.
Besides, if Nelly Furtado kicked me in the ass, she would have been singing out of hers.

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