Pre-Colombian Journeys to North America

I am watching a show based on the Gavin Menzies' book: 1421. I thought: who got here before 1492? There is a lot of controversy that Colombus, wasn't the first, but just how much a Christopher-come-lately was he? Let Wikipedia detail the accounts of pre-Columbian arrivals:

For convenience's sake, events will be preceded with the following key:

  • H (Historical - currently accepted as fact)
  • A (Ahistorical - insufficient evidence; postulation)
  • M (Mythological - derived from cultural legend or religion)

At times categories A and M overlap as often the destination is never fully described beyond 'a large landmass' (and never described with enough detail to conclusively prove it is in fact the Americas). Furthermore, events are often exaggerated in the retelling, thus lending a legendary quality to an ahistorical account.


geoffwade said…
Dear Mr DeWolfe,

On Mr Menzies book 1421, I do suggest that you have a look at the website and especially the transcript of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's program thereon, which shows that the book was created within Transworld publishers

Best wishes

Geoff Wade


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