Andy Dick: Murderous Cokehead and Retard

Ten years ago, we were shocked by a murder-suicide that took Phil Hartman. It has emerged that Phil Hartman's wife was re-introduced to cocaine by his then-co-star Andy Dick. I thought that Andy Dick was an annoying and sometimes amusing C-lister. Instead, I have come to the conclusion that he is an idiot: the idiot responsible for the death of Phil Hartman-- responsible as surely as if he had loaded the gun himself. Instead of loading the gun, he loaded the murderer.
Will anyone avenge Phil Hartman's murder? It turned out vengeance comes in a dumpy package:

According to the New York Post, the animus between Jon Lovitz and Andy Dick, which has its roots in the slaying of Phil Hartman a decade ago, exploded in a fight last week at an L.A. comedy club when Lovitz roughed up Dick.

Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada said, "Jon picked Andy up by the head and smashed him into the bar four or five times, and blood started pouring out of his nose."

Lovitz and Dick reportedly have been feuding since a 1997 Christmas party at Hartman's house, five months before his wife, Brynn, fatally shot Hartman, then killed herself.

"Andy was doing cocaine, and he gave Brynn some after she had been sober for 10 years. Phil was furious about it — and then five months later he's dead," said Lovitz.

Last year, Lovitz related, a drunken Dick strolled up to his table at an establishment in West Hollywood, downed his guests' peach liqueur drinks, and "looked at me and said, 'I put the "Phil Hartman hex" on you — you're the next one to die.' I said, 'What did you say?' and he repeated it."

When the two ran into each other at the Laugh Factory last Wednesday, "I wanted him to say he was sorry for the 'Phil Hartman hex,' " Lovitz said. "First he says, 'I don't remember saying that.' Then he leans in and says, 'You know why I said it? Because you said I killed Phil Hartman.' Which I never said."

Of the fight, Lovitz said:

"I'm not proud of it ... but he's a disgusting human being."

Jon: be proud. Be very proud. If only we could all have the chance to beat Andy Dick.


Cheryl said…
You're not the only one to wonder this... Timothy Sexton writes, "the real question becomes why did Lovitz stop with a mere beating?"

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