The Big 4-0

I am closing in on 40. April 26th, 2008. It's a Saturday. I usually make a small matter of my birthdays. Instead, I want to make a big deal out of this one My plan is start training for it-- like a marathoner or a mountain climber or WC Fields with an Oscar award in one hand and a wad of $20s in the other going into a brothel. I would like this to be a party of epic proportions-- not out of ego, but out of appreciation of the milestone. Unlike my bachelor party, I will not allow anyone to zonk me out in a strip club at 10 PM (Tim....)
Here's a weird thing I noticed: people I get along with (with exceptions) all turn 40 on a Saturday. Is this a fluke? Is this evidence that I am too good with math? You be the judge.
Wanna compare? Check out time-and-date to see what day of the week you hit the 40 on.


Cheryl said…
Well, that settles it. I turn forty on a Tuesday. ... I guess I should go file the papers. ;)
Mike DeWolfe said…
Already done. I found a website that does it for $10. I blew an extra $10 for a name change for you, Mrs. Jupiter-Ascendant Choking-Stalin Jr. III

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