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Crappy Gelatin
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I was excited to find a Halloween shop open in Hillside Mall. They had gelatin! Like latex, but not reactive-- all of the quality prosthetics you see in Hollywood are made of gelatin. It's great stuff. Well, not if you make my misake and buy it from InCharacter Costumes and Makeup (usually based out of Jinglepot Road up in Nanaimo). I bought this small container of gelatin. I took it home to see what it was like. It was solid-- it was a waste. So I tossed my money. InCharacter Costumes makes sure that all of their sales are final so that they can sell old and useless make-up.
So, caveat emptor-- DON'T BUY MAKE-UP from their fly-by-night set-ups in Victoria or Nanaimo. If you want great high quality stuff, there's always Tony's Trick and Joke Shop on Broughton St.


Cheryl said…
Total disappointment, yeah. Two things though, 1. I think the storefront of the Hillside store is "Halloween Depot" or similar, and 2. Tony's is now Murray's Trick and Joke Shop since Tony retired. :)

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