Project: Pneumonia

I have two modes: work and sick. Or so it would seem. I will sometimes hold it together to finish a job and then keel over. Three weeks ago, we launched the new server at work. Two egg timers went off: the site swapped over to the new server; I got sick. I had a miserable fever ridden weekend. I got better but my cough persisted: a dry hack that made me love my Skype mic mute function.
Last week, we started to get ready to overhaul the bathroom-- beginning with a round of sanding. My cough got worse. I couldn't sleep. That was good news: my daughter was home sick, so I took the opportunity to look in on her at 2AM and 4AM; and get her fresh water at 5AM. Friday, we were into the full on reno. I was feeling dizzy, hot, confused, jolty. Friday night, I went out to the van to bring in a tin of paint and a tin of contact cement. I came in wheezing and I couldn't get past that. That night, I had a runaway fever and a humdinger hallucination so severe that I couldn't remember my name when I woke up.
Saturday: another day of renos and I continued to slide. I did the tiling, because I could cope with being on my hands and knees.
Sunday: I was mixing up renos with lying in bed, coughing uncontrollably and being totally spaced out. That night, I crashed out; cropped up another fever had a dream about something called a "Dexter Difference Engine"
This morning, we went to the clinic. I tried to breathe for the doctor. No dice. The verdict: likely pneumonia. So, I am on harsh meds: severe enough that I only need five pills.
So here I sit coughing and short of breath. It's like I am drowning. No matter how little I do, I need to do less. I can't get my breath. So while I sit here, consciously breathe and type (Breathe stupid! Breathe! You forgot to breathe!). My wife is left saddled with the remainder of the renovation work. This isn't fair.

* Jolty: A feeling that I am being shook just a little, but often-- like 20 times per minute.


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