Two Ways To End The GVPL Dispute

The Greater Victoria Library labour dispute has been going on for a long time. Now, it's escalated to a lock-out. Here are my two ways to bring this to a swift closure in favour of the CUPE 410.

Method One: GET OFF MY LAWN!
The main library branch in nestled into an atrium on Broughton. I am assuming that the atrium is provincial government property. As a taxpayer, that makes it my property. So, I say: get off of my property. Don't picket up against the doors of the library. Get out onto the street-- the Blanshard and the Broughton sides of the street. Walk the sidewalk and wave your signs of protest. Of course, that will have a side effect: Ministry of Transportation and alot of other provincial governments offices are in this complex. Their workers are union and they're trained not to cross picket lines. As long as the GVPL staff go wanting, alot of their BCGEU brothers and sisters will be staying home too.
While you're at it: do the same at the Esquimalt and Commonwealth branches.

Method Two: Make the Wheels of Municipal Govenment Slower
Most of the GVPL Board is made up of elected municipal politicians. That makes them involved in the library. Their lock-out prevented you from getting into the library. They are the element of the library that you can still reach. Return your libary books to their council offices. Drop them off and thank them personally for the lock-out.

Chris Graham, Board Chair
Greater Victoria Labour Relations Assoc.
Tel. 386-6196 (messages)
330 – 2950 Douglas Street
Victoria BC

Don Amos, Sidney
Tel. 656-6290
Fax 655-4508
Town of Sidney Municipal Hall 2440 Sidney Avenue
Sidney BC V8L 1Y7

Chris Causton, Oak Bay
Tel. 598-3311
Fax 598-9108
The Corporation of the District of Oak Bay 2167 Oak Bay Avenue Victoria BC V8R 1G2

Chris Clement, Esquimalt
Phone: 383-7587
Fax: 414-7111
Township of Esquimalt
1229 Esquimalt Road Esquimalt BC V9A 3P1

Ted Daly, North Saanich
Tel. 656-8700
Fax 656-3155
District of North Saanich
1620 Mills Road
North Saanich BC V8L 5S9

Alan Lowe, Victoria
Tel 385-5711
1 Centennial Square Victoria BC V8W 1P6

Jack Mar, Central Saanich
Tel. 652-8449
Fax 652-0135
District of Central Saanich 1903 Mount Newton Cross Road Saanichton, BC V8M 2A9

John Ranns, Metchosin
tel: 478-3446
fax: 474-6298
District of Metchosin 4450 Happy Valley Road
Victoria BC V9C 3Z3

Bea Holland, Victoria
Tel: 361-0222 Fax: 361-0348

Pam Madoff, Victoria
Tel: 361-0221 Fax: 361-0348

Ernie Robertson, Colwood
Tel. 478-5541 (messages)
Fax 478-7516
City of Colwood
3300 Wishart Road
Colwood BC V9C 2A2

Bob Shaw, North Saanich
Tel. 655-9610
Fax 656-3155
District of North Saanich
1620 Mills Road
North Saanich BC V8L 5S9

If Pam Maddoff were to be siddled with 20 library books she wouldn't know what to do.


Chris Eve said…
1. Picketing the entire Blanshard Street complex would generate a fast cease and desist from the LRB because the province is not directly involved in the dispute. There would also be loads of negative press reporting based on "irresponsible strikers taking illegal action". The library workers have been impressive - principled, polite and dignified. They deserve our support.
2. For my sins I'm a resident of Saanich: there does not seem to be anyone from Saanich on your library board list to complain to. Is that right? Saanich council ignores correspondence on this topic - and they have some years ago opted out of the Greater Victoria Labour Relations Association. Looks like their policy is its not a problem for them!! Any ideas?
Mike DeWolfe said…
1. I agree: but it would open a new avenue of leverage. They would be on public property (the sidewalk) and the side effect could generate pressure to resolve this.
2. I got the list via the Cupe410 handout. It could be a typo, but I cut, paste and selectively bolded parts of the list.

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