Cause, Effect and Digg

I was trolling through Digg (Digg is great: if cows could use the Internet, we would have had Digg 10 years ago.).

I found these two stories on the same page. Cause? Effect? You tell me.

Food With Urine

VegetablesTwo major supermarkets were cordoned off by police today after a man shocked shoppers by allegedly spraying urine on the food.

The raider entered Morrisons in Glevum Way, Gloucester at around 11.20am and fired a "foul-smelling substance" - thought to be urine - on meat, salad and fruit.

He fled the store and went to Tesco four miles away in Quedgeley, where he again terrified customers and staff by spraying the fluid on produce.

Food Gets Thrown Out
Americans waste about 20% of their food. You know: if someone sprayed my food with urine, I would toss all of it out.


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