Portraits Gone Wrong

So what is the deal with photos like these? The girl looks like she's doing one of those maternity portraits. But two things wreck the sentiment: the cheezy Garden of Eden background; and the wigger impregnator.
I'm wondering, what broke this image for me. It's 2008-- we're living in the future. Guys with tattoos are a part of that, but still it's a giveaway of circus folk. Is it the shirtless couple in jeans? Maybe. Maybe it's the shit-eating grin on the wigger: the looks that says, "yeah... I got bareback action last year... yeah, bro. Check it out. I got a photo of me grabbing this chick's ass." Or is it the girl who looks like she's thinking, "JC is awesome. He's got a good job at Walmart and I'm gonna have his baby..."
This couple reminds me of a couple that came to Eaton's with a $200 voucher for items for their new baby. They zipped past the diapers and clothes; then went straight for the stuffed animals and baby monitors. Sorry: unless you live above a bar, you can't use the monitor while you're out getting liquored up.


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