Happy Father's Day!

My wife and daughter conspired to give me a nice day today:
  • I woke up to a bag of clay products (sculpey and plasticene) along with a copy of Rampage for the Wii and 2000 Wii Credits (200 quatloos on the newcomer!)
  • Dim-sum brunch (wifey collected items from the Fisgard Market)
  • I puttered on my PLR Hub module for Drupal (to tie into a nearly complete PLR Exchange module-- more on that later on my tech blog).
  • When the sun hit Cthulhu, I went out there, applied green-stuff putty in key spots; then laid down the remainder of my fibreglass.
  • I came in, did some more work on the PLR Hub module; then kiddo and I started worked on the principal character for our upcoming, stop motion project (working title, "Crazy Frog on a Rocket"-- I refuse to divulge plot points).
  • I did a quickie proof-of-concept demonstration of the claymation animation process in action.

Happy Father's Day!


Tim Bailey said…
Rampage for the Wii?!? That must be awesome! ...if it's the Rampage I'm thinking of.

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