Battlestar Galactica Thoughts

I have been a geek of BSG since 1978. In the 80s, I winced at disco flashbacks. The new series took a while to grow on me; and now I love it. With tonight's mid-season finale, Revelations, out there, I thought I'd share some of the my BSG thoughts.

Survivor Count
With 40,000+/- survivors, this isn't a society or a nation. It's Duncan. Duncan, BC parcelled into spaceships and launched into the void. Everytime I watch an episode I think, "this is Duncan in space with a modest nuclear weapons capacity."

For a few years ago, I've wanted to make a BSG video. They land on Earth. They look around. They see a sign. It reads, "Moved to the Firefly Star System. Follow at your Goram Peril."

The Final of the Final Five
Deanna (Lucy Lawless), said that the last of the five was not in the fleet. So this give me two options: President Laura Roslin (who was not in the fleet at the time of the statement); or Admiral Helena Cain (who seems like someone worthy of resurrection).

The Cylon capacity for resurrection was destroyed. Big deal. The capacity was created at some point. It can be re-created. Also, the Final Five never hatched out of one of those Geiger-inspired tubs-- so they have their own tubs.

Cylon Superscience
The Cylons seems to be capable of a lot of coolness-- moreso than they seem to be able to accomplish in the series. I think the Singularity has kicked in. Some variant of Cylon hyper-evolved to the point of Godhood-- before they blinked into a slipstream of super-high IQ, they created skinjobs and good hyperdrives.

Landing Sites
When/if the characters make it to Earth, when they land they come into it a gray and desolate landscape: Vancouver. Talk about the lines of fact and fiction blurring.

The Final Ten
The "good news" of this 10 episode truncated season: episodes 11 through 20 begin in January 2009. All we have to weather is six months of pathetic fanboy theorizing.


Ted Godwin said…
"Mid-Season" my gods-damn ass! Even January of 2009 would be six frakkin' months away! Grumble...grumble...

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