October : A Month That Will Live in Infamy

Here's a rundown of my October in lieu of the 50 blog posts that the month would have generated:
  • Staged a house for sale
  • Strep Throat -- nothing like two weeks without sleep
  • Found asbestos
  • Bought a house -- some key details were botched
  • Moved
  • Sold a house -- no key details were botched: I rode the deal like a horse.
  • Found a surprise workshop
  • Met new neighbours
  • Tussled over a non-plussed moron who some mistake for being smart. He is the hallmark example of the difference between knowledge and wisdom.
  • Tore out a flight of stairs
  • Put in a flight of stairs
  • I had a 40 hr. meeting
  • Found out how to double the load speed of a Drupal site.
  • I got an Alienware laptop
  • Saw some great photos from India and Pakistan
  • Dealt with server callioping (similar to but different from a server crash)
  • Realized I may have spawned Sarah Palin 2.0
  • Watched Steven Harper's musical chairs
  • Dressed as a zombie
  • Did barely any walking
  • Drove to Nanaimo
  • Drove back
  • Took too few photos
  • Shot no video
  • Missed all of my favorite DVDs
  • Got to see MST3K
  • Chuckled each time "homeless" David Johnston got arrested
  • Ate too much take-away (with a decent share of sushi)
  • Almost burned a wardrobe in my backyard
  • Picked apples
  • Felt a re-kindled affection for CBC Radio
  • Found a couch
  • Found out that Urban Barn pads their delivery times
  • Upgraded a gaming website then watched it rattle itself apart (doh!)
  • Capped off the basics of a dating website
  • Bought some nice cruel shoes


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