Five LONG WEEKS of Frakkin' Renos

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When we looked at the house, we came in realizing that the stairs super-sucked: 23" wide, one part had 3'9" clearance and rickety. So we moved in and immediately went into the renovation mode. I took out a lower cupboard, then popped a hole through the wall. Over the next weeks, we demolished a wall downstairs and a wall upstairs between the kitchen and stairs. A friend guided me through electrical fixes (ZAP). For example, they hid two junction boxes in the wall and seriously frakked up the wiring (red? sure-- or black, use whichever). We had to build a new alternative support for the wall (keep the wall up!). The wall between the stairwell and our bedroom has an unknown amount of vertical beams and maybe an extra layer of wall/drywall. In this process, we found that someone in the past used tremendously long screws (3" screws to hold drywall). The poor asbestos removal people found a similar dynamic in the stuff built in the attic. Downstairs, they built two walls on top of the carpetting. I built a fake-y bed/hang space and closet downstairs off of the new office. Now, we have an office that is immediately adjacent to guest room space-- technically, we've added a bedroom to our home.
The carpetting and trim is still to come, but the upper trim upstairs is in place. Upstairs, we have to put a small cabinet in place along with trim and counter space in the kitchen space. I will be on the lookout for a thin piece of granite for a pastry working space. Then we will be on the return path for this renovation. Still to come over the next couple weeks:
  • Putting flooring in the attic
  • Taking two walls worth of crap to the dump
  • Re-exposing a window in the workshop
  • Putting a drain from the deck (purposefully) through the workshop
  • Finishing a raised bed (and doing a dig down in the workshop)
  • Bringing in a uPak's worth of stuff (help would be welcome)
  • Bringing in a storage locker worth of stuff (it will require a cargo van to clear it out)
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