Let's Talk 416

Here's my take on NEXT week's Battlestar Galactica. I'd like to say this now and then quietly wait to see how it plays out. Here's what I think will happen for "Blood on the Scales":
  • An immobilized Tigh and Adama are taken into custody.
  • In a kangaroo court, Tigh is sentenced to death
  • They grease Tigh to shock and dismay while Gaeta watches on. (What's the geek abbreviation for "major character killed"?)
  • Lots of other stuff plays out (shooting, high drama, Apollo on Apollo action, etc.).
  • Adama is about to be killed if everyone doesn't give up and surrender to will of Gaeta (I've never liked the weasel)
  • Just then, the Cylon fleet jumps in (I'm thinking at the close of the third or fourth act).
  • Galactica turtles and does nothing. Its faked communication chaos means the civilian fleet doesn't know what to do.
  • Cylons board Galatica: Cavil's forces are coming with a surprise. Saul and Ellen Tigh arrive. Because they killed Saul while he knew where the fleet was, he could lead the Cylons straight to them and avert the uprising as soon as he popped out of the tank. The Seven may have had their resurrection technology destroyed, but not the Final Five. He has both his eyes but he's not younger, nor is Ellen (make-up department breathes a sigh of relief).
  • But for these Cylons, all bets are off: are they here to wipe out humanity; or have they seen the light (and the promise of getting resurrection technology back).
To be continued (come the frak on!)


Mike DeWolfe said…
I got this all wrong, but I do like my version better. I cannot believe how much they weaseled out:
- a dream sequence? Holy, what is this Grade 9 Creative Writing?
- faked comments about Tigh dying leaked into teaser.
- a scene with a Six in bed with Baltar. About time we finally got to see that for once.
- Gaeta talking about restaurants shaped like food. Woo! What we needed on two networks in North America: a Canadian opera singer talking for two minutes are his drawings.

In retrospect, this may be my least favorite episode.

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