April Was A Busy Month

April 4th / 5th - Emptied our storage locker. We started filling it when Mitt Romney was the frontrunner for the Republican ticket-- Mitt... I don't why a German looking and sounding guy didn't get the nod. Germans and power go together like PB and J. At least I have my shorts back for this summer.
April 10th -
The crosshairs. In a 20 minute span:
  • unloaded the truck of sod. Kneel before Sod!
  • worked on the Yoga site. Namaste Motherfrakkers.
  • did a conference call
  • picked up helmets for a painting project. One of them had scuff marks from where the helmet did it's job (funny).
April 11th - Worked on the e-commerce for a Yoga site. If you doubt that offshore development is lousy, try editing some of it. We also separated that truck full of sod from its soil. What a fruitless and stupid venture-- but at least we made these awesome white trash potato planters out of tires and sod. Sod!
April 12th - Easter Sunday-- Kiddo's egg hunt followed by dinner at my Mom's. Lots of food, as usual. This time she didn't stubbornly continue cooking as she sometimes does.
April 18th - The garage sale. By NOT advertising with the Times-Colonist, but using signage and Facebook, we had a moron free garage sale. I am starting to get a real sense of the digital divide. There is a difficult irony in play: I hate computers and suspect the Internet; but I also have no interest in associating with the digital have-nots. By shunning old, dying media, we left out the idiots who usually show up. Maybe there should be an IQ test: "click a mouse to recieve your paycheque."
April 23rd - We had five yards of soil dumped in our driveway. That's a frakking huge amount of soil. Wifey and I moved it in less than two days. Thursday night we went to see the Killers. I didn't participate in the herd mentality-- sorry, I'm the herder and that's hardwired.
April 25th
- A misguided tour up to Nanaimo in search of lawn ornaments. Part of the directions to the recycling plant destination were "near the Island Farms dairy farm by the incinerator"-- funny tip, as most of the farms with dairy cows supply Island Farms. We eventually found some at Jysk and I bought a prohibitively large number of them (they are sitting primed in the backyard).
April 26th - My birthday and the ensuing party. Happy birthday, Jet Li. Our galley-like kitchen proved to be a choke point between the front of the house and the rear. Yay. Of course, we're only going to be living here for approximately 4 years, 5 months and 11 days, so I can live with that. I still think the party house on 1886 Quamichan would have been awesome for, well, parties, but it was expensive, creaky and is still tied up in an estate tangle.


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