Why are Zombies Hot?

IMG_3415 Wifey asked "Why are Zombies so hot these days." Here's my theory: Drugs and The Internet.

The Internet

In the 1960s in North America people would protest and scrap for anything. I qualify the 1960s and North America-- because protesting and fighting is alive and well everywhere else. Here, we are now quiet-- things happen through mobs that are crowdsourced: opinion surveys, flash mobs and "public opinion". The faceless crowd rules but the passion and humanity is washed out of the equation. We don't take things into our own hands. When a drug addict harasses you or menaces you, you're more likely to move out of harm's way instead of dealing with the offense head-on. In my last confrontation with one of them, I said, "WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM!" and it backed off. Direct confrontation is now the exception to the rule.

Crack-heads, stoners and those who are pumped full of anti-depressants to the point where life is a montone. Swap hunger for a flesh for crack and you have the zombie dynamic in most cities nowadays. Slow moving, shabby and beaten: drug addicts are our real world zombies. Instead of being bitten and becoming a zombie, you can get hooked on drugs: lured in by their appeal.

The interest in zombies is a fantasy echo of the mundane world.


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