Desperate Local News Sinks to Lurid Reporting

A trash removal company found a skeletal body in an abandonned truck in VicWest. A-Channel didn't have juicy footage or a good first-hand report, so they went for the B-Story: desperate Times-Colonist and their sister media, floundering Chek-TV, went for the kill-- photographing the skeleton before the police could cordon off the scene. It's amusing that both of them are trying to make hay over a dead old man in a truck. A-Channel is trying to take the high ground and make an excuse for not getting the shot, standing behind respect for the family. If Chek-TV had any attractive people working for them, I'm sure they'd pimp them out, but short of that, they had a picture of a dead guy.
I'm one shut-in and I still scoop these two professional organizations all by myself every now and again. If these two channels and one "paper" had to stand-up against a cadre of organized and diligent citizen reporters, they'd be dead in the water. The only nut to crack: delivery. Nearly passive delivery is key without going for mass media, some crippling streaming approach or some techie/hobbyist bittorent approach (all duds). God-- is this a role for Twitter? Short snippets that point to longest audio or video pieces?


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