Where did I go in April? Who cares. I am back to ramble.

April was a gauntlet month-- best demonstrated by the fact that I am posting this rant on May 11th. In addition to being busy with home projects, work has been full of adventure. I took on two side projects. One stalled out and dropped into hold mode. The other one turned into a clusterfrak-- I actually emailed them in frustration and said, "I have to quit or I can't fix this." That seemed like a project suicide note. They came back and said, "that's okay-- let's carry on." Holy. But that was good of them.
On a more personal note, I have been catching up with too much sleep-- involuntarily so. After work each day I am able to get to dinner, then I stall out. If I am not walking ca. 7PM, I commonly fall asleep. If I am walking (say a mall wander or similar) I usually have to do it with the aid of coffee. It super sucks. The side effect is no exercise and that has led to a steady climb in my weight. I don't know if I am at my personal worst, but I am close. It's a vicious cycle (weight -> lethargy -> sedentary lifestyle -> loop) and I am working to break it.
I am trying to watch my diet: sugary pop is right out; beef is a rarity; I have largely swapped to a Mediterranean diet low on meat, dairy and starch but high on veggies. Let's see where that goes. On another front, I am working through the whole "keel over after work" thing with my doctor to see what I can do.
Ironically, one way to break this vicious cycle is to buy a cycle. I have only taken it out once and it need more tuning. My running joke about "Bike to Work" week is that I do that every week! I work from home. I really think the transit policy people are missing the solution to the problem-- it's like trying to solve slavery with better chains. The way to lessen traffic density, transit crowding, bicyclist fatalities and road rage is through telecommuting. Workers could spend one or two days a week out of the office working on a given project. Through net access, a lot of staff could do most of their work from home-- telephone calls, office document productivity, etc.. Sales people, customer service, factory workers-- they still have to be "out there" but much of our work force doesn't need to be at their desks to be at their jobs. It is great to be working for a place that has figured out telecommuting as a business model.
The mix of work and sleep has left me out of ideas at the moment. Where before I had a bevy of nifty ideas, now I look at them with suspicion. These ideas for sites just sit there languishing unfulfilled. I had the plans to do up a bunch of Zombie lawn ornaments-- they're sitting primed in the basement. Just sitting there. The same deal with some helmets that I am ready to do a number on.
Maybe this is an issue of drive. Ten years ago, we wanted to start a family. Done. Nine years ago, we wanted a place to own. Done. Five years ago I wanted a decent job. Done. Last year I wanted a house. Done. This year, I wanted a PS3. Done. I've hit a bunch of mega and micro goals. Maybe I'm just pulling a C-3PO: "If you don't need me, sir, I'll be shutting down for a while..."


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