Outdoor Adventures: Killing Off Healthy Dogs

Following the BC 2010 Winter Olympics, management at Outdoor Adventures: Whistler ordered an employee to kill 100 healthy sled dogs and throw them into a pit, some still alive. Seventy of the dogs were shot and the remainder were stabbed. The employee has won a WorkSafe BC case for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The worker described a horrible scene "heads blown off", "half crawling" and "They most certainly did not die instantly, at least some of them."

The SPCA says this is horrifying, calling the incident "a massacre."

The dogs were apparently put down last April because Outdoor Adventures Whistler didn't get the boost in business expected after the 2010 Olympics.

Marcie Moriarty with the SPCA told News1130 that an investigation is being launched.

More information on Outdoor Adventures Whistler:

Outdoor Adventures Whistler
Unit No. 218 - 4293 Mountain Square
Whistler, BC

T: 604-905-8108/ 604-849-0076
Leeanne Fitzpatrick: leeanne@adventureswhislter.com
Dave Hord: dave@adventureswhistler.com
W: www.adventureswhistler.com


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