Mike DeWolfe: Obituary

A good friend suggested that we write our own obituary. We laughed, but it's a good exercise. You know eventually your time will end, so how will your obituary look if you totally get your way. Not the most likely outcome for your life, but the best possible outcome for your life and where you want to end up.

I'm a jack-ass. So here's are two versions of my obituary. A "funny" one and a "serious" one:

The jack-ass one:
Mike DeWolfe was one of the victims of President Palin's Tea Party Aboard "Brains Matter" program wherein they euthanized any foreigner with an IQ of 105+. Memorial services will be held at the Monsanto Monster Truck Expo and Gun Show.

The serious one:
Mike DeWolfe dabbled in many things: sculpture, new media, writing, entrepreneurship, socio-cultural reform; and was a sometimes gadfly. After finding success with his website, _________.com, he left web development and moved into a mix of humor, art and business ventures. He summed up his philosophy on life and how to achieve success and peace in his 2017 book, ___________. He helped to popularize post-nationalism and did his part to dismantle the brutal mob rule ideologies on the 19th and 20th centuries. He was annoyed by a number of chronic health issues, but found a way to manage those by mid-life, thereafter finding time to travel with his family: going on an extended worldwide tour with his wife and teenage daughter. Mike was able to retire early and devote his time to helping his friends, family and those in the community.


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