Bill C-32 plea from Access Copyright

The Writers' Union of Canada, under the leadership of its Chair Alan Cumyn, has put together a video (link not provided) featuring five writers about the perils of Bill C-32, Canada's controversial new copyright bill. Access Copyright encourages all of our creators, publishers and member organizations to spread the word about this video.I figure that Access Copyright gets most of the issues surrounding intellectual property wrong, so there's no need to spread their pap.

The video features two-time Governor General's Award winner Nino Ricci, and builds awareness on how Bill C-32 and the education exceptions will hurt Canadian writers' ability to make a living.

"Without strong copyright protections, professional writing in this country will be irreparably harmed," says novelist Alan Cumyn and author of the video. "Thousands of authors and artists across the country have been writing their MPs, protesting parts of this bill. This video puts faces and voices to our concerns."

Legislative Committee Members

· Gordon Brown, Chair,

· Charlie Angus

· Pablo Rodriguez

· Mike Lake

· Dan McTeague

· Serge Cardin,

· Ed Faste,

· Sylvie Boucher,

· Dean Del Mastro

· Peter Braid,

· Carole LavallĂ©e

· Marc Garneau


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