The Bygone Days of By-Law Enforcement Are Back

Victoria and the CRD is heavily legislated. You would think you were living in a totalitarian regime given the number of laws on the books. You can't use a tanning bed if you can't vote. You can't idle your car. You have to shovel your sidewalk. You can't smoke in a doorway (though you can shoot up in a doorway-- the lesson there: shoot up crack, don't smoke it.). We don't feel the boot of The Man, because they bylaws are complaint driven. If you don't name who you are and drive the complaint nothing happens. This explains why the lunch time drive-thru at Wendy's is a hazy mass of motorists who don't get cited for the Clean Air by-law.

This from the City of Victoria:
Complaints can go to their email address:

To avoid delays in processing your complaint, and to ensure a Bylaw Officer can contact you, please ensure that you have provided your name, address, and phone number. Please note that the City of Victoria does not accept anonymous complaints.

The Bylaw & Licensing Services Division is responsible for the enforcement and administration of municipal bylaws. The Division consists of eight staff: six officers who address most bylaws except parking/animal control, and two Bylaw Clerks who provide administrative support. Our mandate is to achieve compliance with municipal bylaws; through education, mediation and as necessary through enforcement and prosecution.

When a written complaint is received, it is investigated and appropriate action is taken. Bylaw Officers are generally able to achieve compliance without enforcement, however not everyone complies voluntarily. When this happens, there are formal legal requirements that must be followed and, unfortunately, they can take time. You are welcome to contact the Bylaw & Licensing Services Division to request an update, however privacy is a priority, and disclosure may be regulated.


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