Harper Majority. NDP Opposition

Congratulations to Stephen Harper and the Conservative win of 166 seats. Let me know when you're converting those seats into Borg alcoves.


Bruce Campbell said…
Yeah Mike, the Borg are probably a good choice.

I went right away to the Pod people from Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Donald Sutherland version.

But the Borg use what they find and turn it to their own purposes, often against the people who they got the stuff from.

Fits, perfectly.
maverick said…
hi mike
can you tell me how you adjust your blog layouts ? or html code?
I see that all your blog posts stretch to the very left of the page, and mine is away from the page. A big thanks in advance.
Mike DeWolfe said…
I can send you my Blogger template, maverick, if that would help. If I recalled, I took an existing template from Blogger and dropped the left margin down in the CSS.

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