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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Beast Traits

My daughter has a lot of beastly traits that are probably good for her to have a person, but lousy as a daughter. Chief issue: her will. We were out for coffee and blew a rasberry to the man at the next table to us. Rather than apologize, she sat there defiantly. When pressed, she started crying. All she had to do, was apologize.

If I break her will (somehow) she is one step closer to the human cattle. If I don't she's going to drive me crazy.


Cheryl said...

re: "we were out for coffee"

Maybe you should stop giving her coffee. =grin=

And really, crazy is much better than raising cattle.

Tim said...

Carry a picture of a child whose hair is on fire in your wallet. Maybe selective exposure to psychological trauma will make her more malleable.

Or, you could just threaten to send her to live with her cousins.

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