God's Will Exacted on WalMart

Tonight at approximately 5PM, a lightning storm broke out over Saanich, BC. It hit several locations including the Walmart store, knocking out power in the area. This knocked out power, emergency communications and traffic lights. Lights on many interections were knocked back to 4-way stop status. Lightning also struck a home on Cadilliac Avenue, where it blew out windows and peeled bark off of a fir tree.
We were shopping at a grocery store at the time. The lights flickered and a fierce rumble roared over the roof of the building. I was outside for a follow-up flash and that lit up the whole of sky.
Despite being struck by lightning and a loss of power, Walmart reopened within minutes. I guess they didn't get the message that they shouldn't be open for business. Chalk this up to a tale of Greed vs. Mother Nature.

A Canada.com Story on the lightning strike and its effect.


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