Tony Danza Moment

I was speaking with an acquaintance last night who worked as an extra, on the crap-ass TV movie, Stealing Christmas, starring Tony Danza. In between shots, Tony "Who's The Boss" Danza was sitting around on set. One of the extras came up to Mr. Danza and said, "Hey! How are you liking Vancouver?"
Tony replied, "Don't fucking talk to me" and went back to reading.
My guess is that he was bitter that his career was in such a state that he was sitting on a soundstage in Canada filming a movie for cable TV.
My second guess, he's angry that he's a punchline.

What's your theory?


Zézette said…
Oh Mike, those hilarious typo moments! I don't know if you realise, but you wrote that Tony Danza was reading... ha ha ha ha! Like he can read! HA HA HA HA HA!!!
Mike DeWolfe said…
If you can teach a chicken to count, you can teach Tony Danza to read. Well, you can teach him to look like he's reading.
On a related note: he's the chief reason that no one will mainstream smell-o-vision.
Zézette said…
Maybe he was cranky because his concentration was broken. If he moves his lips he can make it through a page or two of the "Dick and Jane" reader.

Yes, it's a cheap and easy shot, but sometimes they're the best ones.

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