Whatever Happened To Baby Madonna

I think there is nothing wrong with aging women. I think any guy who can't appreciate (read: get the hots for) a woman who is +/- 10 years their age, is an idiot. With all that said, I have been really disturbed by Madonna for the last few years. She went from trampy to sexy to still-got-it to milf to cougar to... Baby Jane. I was watching a seldom seen, but beloved movie, "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" about a child star whose halcyon days were 50 years prior. Betty Davis plays the title role: she had one scene were she was out and about and all tramped up to impress the menfolk. She had this creepy quality and I got a sense of deja vu.

The last time I saw a trampy old bag who was trying to hook men was the last time I saw Madonna on TV. The sad part: in the above examples, Madonna was 47 and had the benefit of more anti-aging techniques than Vlad the Impaler; Betty Davis was 58. Yet, there seems to be a slim gulf between a has-been and an actress playing a has-been

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