Champagne Chair and Caviar Footstools

You're bored. You're at a ritzy party. You have a champagne bottle and a pen knife. What do you do? Well, you could go on a killing rampage (broken bottle, pen knife, liquor fueled angst); or you could enter the DWR Champagne Chair contest.
I thought, "yeah, little chairs and stools." These are-- to quote Robin Leech-- off the hook.
Grand Prize is a $2,000 DWR merchandise certificate. 5 more winners each receive a $500 DWR merchandise certificate for highly-coveted designer furniture and accessories from Design Within Reach.
I know what I'll be doing next holiday season...

tags: contests, design, weird, funny, chairs


Tim said…
I hear that IKEA is making a full-size version of this for next year's product line. The tentative name is PLONKA.

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