Live Long, Prosper, But Please-- DON'T BREED

This freaks me out. Trekkies don't have to worry about suffering through a long dinners with women who have their own cars. Women who read Stephen King and Dean Koontz. Women who have never once uttered the phrase, "Live, Long and Prosper." Now there is "Trek Passions!" ( an online dating service for Sci-Fi fans.
This is good because it means there will be a surge of geeks in 25 years [1 year to date. 1 year to try to get pregnant (hint: that's not how you do it). 23 years for the kids to move out-- well, down to the basement.] The 1970s gave us sci-fi. Twenty-something geeks-- unwashed, unkempt and weird-- totally fit it. They could breed. They could plant their seed amongst mundanes. Their children were part of the droves that watched all of those versions of Star Trek (my favorite spin-off was Star Trek: Diet Mint w/Mitzy Gaynor).
Right now, we're paying for the geek diaspora of 1981. Remember 1981? Geeks were all hepped up on Star Wars, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Battlestar Galactica-- they were like the Enterprise quartermaster at a terry towel expo! Then it all had to end: Galactica 1980. So demoralized were the post disco geek masses that they threw away their index cards full of pick-up lines. They knuckled under and went to work at software companies. In 2006 we have lots of software, but not many movie-going geeks.
Here's to hoping that Trek Passions can do its part to bring on another generation of pimply weirdos with a passion for space even though they get nosebleeds when they sleep on the top bunk.


Ted said…
Speaking of breeding: liberals, f#@k like rabbits! You have nothing to lose but your smug me-first lifestyle!

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