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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Champagne Chair and Caviar Footstools

You're bored. You're at a ritzy party. You have a champagne bottle and a pen knife. What do you do? Well, you could go on a killing rampage (broken bottle, pen knife, liquor fueled angst); or you could enter the DWR Champagne Chair contest.
I thought, "yeah, little chairs and stools." These are-- to quote Robin Leech-- off the hook.
Grand Prize is a $2,000 DWR merchandise certificate. 5 more winners each receive a $500 DWR merchandise certificate for highly-coveted designer furniture and accessories from Design Within Reach.
I know what I'll be doing next holiday season...

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Rim Job Cancelled

Rim Con, Victoria's wouldbe convention, has been cancelled. First off: Why oh why call it "Rim Con"? Secondly: when you put up a website to hype your project, then proceed to ignore requests for more information, make sure that your website doesn't suck. I would love to put together a convention, but I have so many things on the go: if I put this into the queue, it wouldn't get done for three years (or more).

Mike'n'Mike Driving Lesson

Mike'n'Mike Driving Lesson
Originally uploaded by dewolfe0001.
On Sunday, I took my friend, Mike Dowd, out for a long delayed driving lesson.
Things didn't go exactly as planned.

Don't ask me how this happened, let's just say that my next-of-kin will have to run the next lesson...

Monday, March 20, 2006

Alan Moore Is A Puke

On Friday, I saw V For Vendetta. I loved the comic when it came out. I was worried about this movie after seeing the painful "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" and Frank Miller's "Robocop 2". My fears were put to rest. This movie is a little different from the comic book. Instead of Britian surviving a limited nuclear war between the US and the Soviets; the UK shut the doors after monster plagues the collapse of the US. Instead of dawdling long on visual elements, this movie, well, moves.
I heard that Alan Moore withdrew his name from the movie. He had problems with it. I think Alan Moore is a genius. A genius and a puke. You can be both. Actually, I think it's uncommon not to be both (Mr. Lucas, I am looking at you). Tonight I looked for an interview or article that detailed his objections. I found them in the Comic Book Resources. Let the hideous litany of how a vapid Hollywood savaged the imagination of such a talent:
  1. "They don't know what British people have for breakfast, they couldn't be bothered. 'Eggy in a basket' apparently. Now the US have 'eggs in a basket,' whish is fried bread with a fried egg in a hole in the middle. I guess they thought we must eat that as well, and thought 'eggy in a basket' was a quaint and Olde Worlde version.
  2. ...they decided that the British postal service is called Fedco. They'll have thought something like, 'well, what's a British version of FedEx... how about FedCo? A friend of mine had to point out to them that the Fed, in FedEx comes from 'Federal Express.' America is a federal republic, Britain is not."
These are minor minor points. First: I have egg-in-the-hole. I love it. When my British grandmother made it for me like her mother did, I guess I thought it was British. Alan Moore -- being from a country that boils 60% of their food and deep fries 60% of their food-- might want to double check about this massive topic. Second: if you use "FedEx" you get sued. If you use "FedCo" you don't. Alan, you know what suing is don't you?
A while back, I looked up a list of Alan Moore's credits. So many of his lines were abandonned mid-stream or on some sort of a hiatus. Is this bad luck? Nope: it's a cocktail of controverial material (like an issue of Swamp Thing featuring Jesus Christ); stories that editors don't want to publish; and Alan Moore dropping the work.
What's next for Alan Moore? "Voice Of The Fire": a story set in Northampton over 10,000 years. Or, as I would like to call it: "A Canticle For Wallace and Gromit." Is Alan Moore tapped out? League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a grouping of public domain characters. "Voice" is set in his home town in the area he grew up in. Will 2008 bring Alan Moore's "Grocery List"? I can't wait for the mushy peas.
I think publishers probably look at Alan Moore as a scorpion on the back of fox. Despite the quality of his work he'll sting them eventually. It's his nature.

Happy Equinox-- er, egginox

Twice a year, you can balance an egg on its end. During the Spring and Fall equinox, when the lines of gravity run from the sun, to the center of the Earth through the egg, there is no appreciable spin and you can balance eggs on their end.
No? Bah, you say? I HAVE PROOF. (Take that you doubting Thomases)

Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Office : Bonus Episodes

This from WRAL:
NBC is pledging to make 10 web-only episodes of "The Office" during the summer. The "webisodes" will focus on a mystery facing the accounting staff of the Dunder-Mifflin paper company: Angela, Kevin and Oscar.

Sorry, Dwight.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Navigation 101

Here's a quickie tip from today's vacation. Say you're travelling down a road to a T-intersection (e.g. you road turns left and right, but does not continue on). When you ask your navigator where to go, the incorrect answer is "Turn".

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Loco Lupo Gangas!

Hey everybody! Daiso in Richmond sells wrestler masks for $2 each! What a bargain!
Well, that is if you want a wrestler mask in the first place...

Things to do a with a $2 mask from Daiso:
  • Scare friends
  • Scare relatives
  • Scare neighbours
  • Take up wrestling
  • Take up superhero work*
  • Rob a 7-11*

* Don't be suprised if the guy robbing and the guy fighting crime are wearing the same mask. That's a crime-fighting-fashion faux pas

Monday, March 13, 2006

All The Futurama Front Pages

This is great. Futurama throws these little lines at the bottom of each episode's splash pages. An obsessed fan has done screencaps of each of these. Click Here

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Live Long, Prosper, But Please-- DON'T BREED

This freaks me out. Trekkies don't have to worry about suffering through a long dinners with women who have their own cars. Women who read Stephen King and Dean Koontz. Women who have never once uttered the phrase, "Live, Long and Prosper." Now there is "Trek Passions!" ( an online dating service for Sci-Fi fans.
This is good because it means there will be a surge of geeks in 25 years [1 year to date. 1 year to try to get pregnant (hint: that's not how you do it). 23 years for the kids to move out-- well, down to the basement.] The 1970s gave us sci-fi. Twenty-something geeks-- unwashed, unkempt and weird-- totally fit it. They could breed. They could plant their seed amongst mundanes. Their children were part of the droves that watched all of those versions of Star Trek (my favorite spin-off was Star Trek: Diet Mint w/Mitzy Gaynor).
Right now, we're paying for the geek diaspora of 1981. Remember 1981? Geeks were all hepped up on Star Wars, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Battlestar Galactica-- they were like the Enterprise quartermaster at a terry towel expo! Then it all had to end: Galactica 1980. So demoralized were the post disco geek masses that they threw away their index cards full of pick-up lines. They knuckled under and went to work at software companies. In 2006 we have lots of software, but not many movie-going geeks.
Here's to hoping that Trek Passions can do its part to bring on another generation of pimply weirdos with a passion for space even though they get nosebleeds when they sleep on the top bunk.

DST : A Stupid Idea

The government of BC is taking submissions ( ) until tomorrow on the subject of aligning our temporal jackboots with the US. Regardless of what we do, I am not falling in step with an idea so stupid that Dubya thought it was a good idea.

Regarding the DST proposal, I feel that this is unnecessary. Most of the world doesn't share a time zone with another area. In North America, while we share a timezone with the US States that are west of the Rockies, we do not share a timezone with anyone else in Canada or the world. In essence, we are guaranteed to the out of sync with 23/24 of the world so making this change is moot. Indeed, not changing means that we will be synchronized to other jurisdictions at some times of the year.
In out global economy, we could work for 24 hrs a day with some group somewhere. The TV shows I get could be stored on a PVR, so their broadcast time is immaterial. The services I enjoy locally (e.g. shopping) will always be relative to my time. Just before drafting this email, I was on a phone call with people in the Eastern US and South America. Before bed, I may have to talk with people in South Africa. Changing our time in any direction will not synchronize me to these other locations.
The US are changing because they are far closer to the equator, so they do not have as wide a swing in daylight hours. We will feel the changes much more significantly (e.g. in Victoria: we have some daylight for +/-15 hrs. in the summer and +/- 10 hrs. in the Winter). Sacrificing any of that daylight to fall in step with a foreign country is not in the interest of Canadians.
I vote that come 2007, we abandon Daylight Savings and move to continuous year round time. The origins of Daylight Savings were to aid in factory productivity. We are in a post industrial era with many service workers starting later in the day than generations past. Any of the benefit that comes from Daylight Savings is lost through the social changes that have to happen twice yearly.

Thank you,

Mike DeWolfe

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Steven Harper: Fun with Photo Editing


From the "Is this anything" file

A snapshot of the top 100 items on
New Age / Self Help:18
Journalism / History:9
Economics / Business:6
Diet / Fitness:5
Humanist / Left:5
Love / Family:4
Memoir / Biography:4
Orthodoxy / Right:2
Test Prep:2
How-to Digital Photography:1
How-To Poker:1
Pseudo Science:1

What? No books on Sudoku?

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Woo! The movie, Crash, won the Oscar for best picture. For me, it was one of the most riveting movie I have seen recent memory. That's the highlight of an Oscar Award ceremony marked by clockwatching and repeated croppings of the women's side of the acceptance speeches. Way to go to the lousy directors of the awards show.

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