Enjoy Tim Horton's

I HATE Tim Horton's. I resent that in world where there is talk of banning trans-fats that these places pop-up like pimples on the ass of small town Canada.
Here are some clips of Tim Horton's and various pranks against them. Some are dang funny:

I want a curry Iced Cappucino!

Combine two bimbos with two cellphones:

Prank gone very wrong:

(we had this idea in the 1980s... but Steve's Mom wouldn't let us take the car-- though she did volunteer Russ as the "victim")

This guys loves donuts (and maybe his friend in the BG):

This is a regular deliver of the meat for their breakfast sandwiches:

This prank has been directly taken from Tandori Horton's pranks in Karachi:


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