The Opposite of the Dark Knight

On one end of a spectrum of cool is the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight follow-up to Batman Begins. On the other end of the spectrum: Batman Dracula. Batman Dracula is one of Warhol's art films from the 1964; directed and produced by Andy Warhol. There is sme dispute as to whether it was done with the permission of DC Comics. It was screened only at his art exhibits and never made it to general distribution. A fan of the Batman serials, Warhol's movie was a "homage" to the series, and is considered the first appearance of a blatantly campy Batman. The film was until recently thought to have been lost, until scenes from the picture were shown at some length in the 2006 documentary Jack Smith and the Destruction of Atlantis.
Though Gregory Battcock played Batman, the promotion photos that have surfaced show a woman in Batman's outfit beside Warhol (dressed as Robin). Battcock (ironic name...) was murdered on Christmas Eve in Puerto Rico in 1980. Will this Warhol weird-fest of Batman surface? Who knows. I'm sure if it does, it will bleed out in 10 minute snippets via Youtube.

Is this not weird enough for you? How about hunting down copies of these obscure Batman ventures: Batman Fights Dracula · Alyas Batman en Robin · Batman: Dead End · Grayson · Robin's Big Date


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