Is Starbucks Circling The Drain?

I have a love-hate of Starbucks. I love their coffee. But I think that if Hitler had started a coffee company, it would be Starbucks. Order, efficiency and vou vill ve ordering!
July 1st brought the body count of 600 store closures. While that seems like a lot, it just meant that the Starbucks in my room had to shut down, but the one in living room is still going strong. I have heard complaints from Starbucks staff for some time. No matter what the locations order for their stores, Starbucks ships what they please to the stores. If you're looking for French Roast, you end up finding only Kodiak (or whatever Godless brand they sell that tastes like Grizzly balls). If the high-end coffee company cannot cater to their customers' preferences, they are doomed.

This Tuesday is touted as being "Black Tuesday"-- word of massive layoffs coming at the coffee giants' locations. Here is a sampling of web chatter:

It already happened over here in Hawaii. Four people including two very well respected dm's and two long time partners. We in the stores are watching Starbucks Hawaii implode from within. We should have stayed in International as a license operator. More fun more profits and more of the true Starbucks culture. Current Hawaii leadership is searching for a clue in a dark room.

It looks like the world had room for only one definition of "black Gold" and it's not a Venti-- it's crude oil.


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