Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss / Theodor Seuss Geisel was born on this day in 1904. As a kid, I liked his books-- the wacky non-human characters and parables. I'm a parable junkie: I used to watch those painful animated Aesop's fables, I could quote more episodes of Twilight Zone from memory, and I loved Dr. Seuss. When I grew up, I learned more about Geisel and my interest grew. He downplayed the Communist "threat", he was an anti-fascist (anti-fascism in the US died in the 1950s under the McCarthy era) and a political cartoonist.
I would love to make kid's books, but with the paint drying on the zombie-colored lawn duck in the backyard I somehow think I am not well suited to craft stories for kids-- even my aborted opus, "Billy's Last Big Owie", a dark tale where a kid encounters the A to Z of death (yep: death by zamboni) on a school bus and then meets his own end. Kids wouldn't read it. Everyone else would be actually unhappy.


Cheryl said…
There's probably a place for those books, just not on the shelf next to "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" or "Are You My Mother?"

Edward Gorey made a living writing creepy picture books (e.g. Gashleycrumb Tinies) and, to some extent, that tradition is being continued by writers like Neil Gaiman (The Wolves in the Walls) and others that, often as not, end up in the "young adult" section of the bookstore next to graphic novels.

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