Ways that BSG could end

I found these via the Interwebs and they were good:

· Bob Newhart wakes up next to Boomer and says: "You need more sweaters"

· Patrick Mcgoohan turns out to be the final cylon and rides "Rover" back to Caprica.

· Kyle MacLachlan is the final Cylon calling himself Bob and smashes his forehad agasint a mirror while giggling "How's Iblis! How's Iblis!"

· The main characters make their way to the burnt out remins of a diner. With some effort they manage to make a table side jukebox work. "Don't Stop Beleiving" plays. Screen goes black.

· They arrive at the real Earth. Their technology is woefully behind the times. The leading nation has just elected Jimmy Carter and something known as disco has died. Apollo and Boxey unpack their flying jet bikes and lead a team of super strong school children to the surface. The year is 1980.

· Starbuck wakes up, she stumbles into the bathroom. The shower is running. She opens the door to see Patrick Duffy. He says, "Sorry-- the guy who played Zak said he wouldn't come back, so here I am baby!"

· When the Battlestar starts to buckle, Doc Cottle flys in in a cape to rescue all of the crew. He plunks them down on a new Battlestar. We pull back from the new ship nestled in the fleet. Pull back until everything gets sparkly. Cut to a snow globe. Boxey is siting on the Quad steps at SFU staring into the snow globe diorama of the Galactica fleet. All the other students give Boxey a wide berth: him and his helper monkey, Muffet.

· The ship crashes. Five years later, Baltar and Apollo row up upon a shore. The remaining survivors are gathered around the wreckage of the CIC. Adama is in a massive version of a resurrection thank where his big table would have sat, drinking a gin and tonic. The crew are flitting around booking hair appointments with the Sixes-- each of whom have opened up a beauty salon ("nah-- you want to go to Famous Original Sixes on Seventh-- Original Sixes on Lex is no good"). Baltar waxes on about how this will end when someone blows up this Earth to make way for a hyperspace by-pass. They'll never know the answer to life the universe and everything.


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