Quack Qu-uugh

IMG_3415I have wanted an airbrush for years. The hurdle was the splurge on something that doesn't seem like a necessity and the follow-up expense of the air compressor. I got an airbrush for Christmas (thanks, Sis). I then went to Barclay's Exchange-- the best place to find stuff in town. It's crazy how many odd things I have gotten there at the best possible price in town:
  • Desktop computer
  • PS3
  • Digital Camera
  • DVDs galore
  • Sledgehammer
  • ... and an Air Compressor
I loaded up on art supplies after Christmas, but I had nothing practical to paint. Last year's Cthulhu would have been awesome, but he is now the super-odd lawn ornament at a friend's place. As luck would have it, a friend gave me some lawn ornaments-- plain ornaments. So, I thought: time to Zombie it up a notch!
I primed a couple of the ducks (a standing duck for me; a baby duck for Kiddo). Then, I applied a basic coat with craft paint and some black and green washes. I zombied up the duck's bill with some hobby putty (dangerous in wide use, but effective in small doses). I let it dry.
I broke out my airbrush and loaded it with a combo of black, yellow and green. I only semi-mixed it and went with the randomness. I then went to town on the duck's features. I switched to yellow and did details on the bill and feet. Added some black to the yellow and darkened up the shadows. I used the small well on the airbrush and did some red shading like dried gore.
The finale was a load up of red paint. I blast air at the bill and forehead, let in a couple heavy shocks of red paint, then chased that around with some blasts of air to make the spray. I was thinking that likely the duck went all zombie, then some numpty brought the ducks a loaf of stale bread. Then the zombie duck opted for the other other white meat. Voila: Zombie Duck.
I will do another Zombie duck when I get a chance. We got a rabbit lawn ornament as well, but I have been forbidden from going all Zombie on that one. I see Zombies in my future...


Ben Reads Books said…
Mike, please, please, please sell these. Brilliant. Huge market in Toronto, no doubt!

- Ben

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