Flash! I'm not mental-- they do exist!

For the last two or three years, I have been seeking a "Tokyo Flash" watch. They are like regular watches (hours, minutes, seconds) but the display is messed up and cryptic. Orderly: but cryptic. That's kind of like the computer code I work with: orderly but cryptic. That made it a natural fit. What was harsh: there were so unknown that they you couldn't find English language sites that featured them. I found some Japanese sites that had them for sale but with the site wholly in Japanese (except the prices), I didn't know what I was getting myself into, so I passed.
When I was in Vancouver, I hit a bunch of watch stores in Richmond. This search underlined the cultural divide in Asia between Japan and China. They had no clue what I was talking about: all they had was cases full of gaudy average fare. No signs of the flash watches.
I went into a watch shop in town. I asked about these. One of the clerks tried to show me watches that have flash memory. The other one said they would be bringing in one model in November. hoo ray.
I opened up Amazon today. Lo and behold: TOKYO FLASH WATCHES. A cornucopia of weird wrist watches.

The major downside for these watches: they are not available via Amazon in Canada. However, you can go to source: Tokyo Flash and order for delivery to other countries.


Ted Godwin said…
"messed up and cryptic" as in someone asks you the time and you need 30-40 seconds the decipher the code? :)
Mike DeWolfe said…
As in: they ask you the time and you show them the watch :)

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