Obama Continues to be The Man

Obama went onto Letterman last night. Obama walks out and says, "What I really came here to see was this heart-shaped potato!" So, this weird little heart shaped potato was tossed up and handed to the president. Great theatre! Barrack Obama has made himself available to 170+ interviews since taking office: three times more than what recent presidents have allowed. Obama has figured it out: we (Canadians, Americans, Chinese-- you name it) are media consumers. We eat it up. By being available for so many interviews he's tapping into the flow. His arena sized town halls are putting him in direct contact with the public. By doing his Flickr feed and Youtube videos, he's bypasing old media and getting to tech savvy people. Over the last few decades, the American Presidency has been hidden and protected to the point where contact is rarefied. It's set up tinder dry conditions-- people starved for access now have access in wildfire proportions. It's a wild change.


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