Gwai Lo At Dim-sum

Sunday morning, we went into the depths of the Red Lion hotel to the Jade Fountain restaurant. The goal was dim sum. Word was this was the Holy Grail of little cart delivered dumplings in Victoria. Expect a review to come soon.
What got me was the table sitting behind us (see above).
Figure A: Loud A-Hole. He barks out, "Gee we better wash these here chopsticks!" He dipped his sticks into the tea pot and swished them around. Bravo: if the chopsticks were dirty, he just made the tea they were all to drink dirty. Next up, one of the carts came by, piled high with bamboo steamers. The routine is to allow the server describe what it is in each column of steamers. Figure A (aka GWAI LO!-- white eyes) instead started lifting off all of the lids and pawing at the food. Hey animal: that's people food, so hands off! He then started to yell at the waiters and waitresses, literally whistling for attention. He wanted water, so he got up and helped himself to some glasses and a pitcher of water. Throughout the meal, he was making these bigotted remarks about these funny people and their funny food.
Figure B: Let's call her "Bea"-- she is likely the long suffering wife of Figure A-hole. My theory is that he will die of drunk driving or by driving his forklift into a wall at the warehouse. At that point, most people around them will mock sympathy and she will start living her life. The sin is, that she will have spent many long years-- the best years of her life-- beside the moron who manhandles food intended for other people.
Figure C: He just sits silently and looks on. Either he is numb to this behaviour or he's a vegetable like Capt. Pike from The Cage. Don't worry: the gwai-lo will just grab his share and chomp it down.


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