Why should they worry about taxpayers?

After some rabble broke up the Torch relay leg in the Cook Street Village area on Friday, one of the spectators who lost her chance to see the torch had the best observations of the weekend:
Why are the protestors worried about taxpayer dollars? They're not taxpayers!

Awesome! She was very right. This rabble isn't there to get their money spent fairly. They wanted my money-- my tax dollars to pay for them to be able to wander around with piercings and pot smoke on a weekday. But, VanOC wrestled $6 billion from the government-- from MY taxes (and I am totally a taxpayer). I didn't want it: I thought it would be a tremendous blow to our economy. And, I thought it would be an open door to allow in opportunists and corruption. I actually think this is a the raison d'etre of the BC Liberal party. This party of realtors, thugs and criminals don't want to manage a province or bring good government to the people. They want bilk the province, create a massive shift of assets to people friendly to the Liberal party, then walk away. It won't be as simple as "walk away"-- the shining stars of the Liberal cabinet and party will resign from provincial politics. It will leave a weaker Liberal party besieged by post-Olympic scandal. None of them will go to jail or have to make amends-- they'll just step down. The NDP will swoop in to a hard won victory and form the government. They will inherit a lot of unfixable problems. The public's short attention span will disassociate the Liberal for the woes of the 2010s. After the NDP have been put through the wringer (and had their own round of opportunism and cronyism), they will fall, in time, to a re-vitalized right wing party who is not connected to the scandals and ruin of the 2010 Olympics.
No? You think that the future won't play out like this? The Social Credit, crippled by scandal, were decimated in the early 1990s. The fringe party, the BC Liberals, got more seats than the ruined SoCreds. The rats swam over to the BC Liberal party, co-opted it and made it their own. They're almost done pumping the Liberal stock. Soon, they'll have to dump it. My guess: the water-logged Conservative party is ripe for popularity and take-over in the middle of the next decade. It has the brand-name recognition that a party needs.
Just ask the former SoCred / former Liberals Conservative MLAs who sit across from the NDP government in 2012.


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