What Vexes You?

I have been trying to crack the nut of increased web traffic for some time (my labour pains have been documented on my tech blog). I may have tripped over a solution, but I have to see if this is a two day fluke or not.
In broad strokes, my solution is to ask "what vexes you?" What gets you pissed off and animated? I do this trick in restaurants. I take a moment and tune from my table to all of the tables in earshot. I listen to all of the conversations-- not to eavesdrop: I am taking them in an indistinct combination of words. Family, friends, TV, what's on the menu. What I hear a lot of (maybe because it's me): I hear people talking tech. Why did Windows do this? My email won't work! Did you see the LOLcatz site? I can't get my iPod working!
This stuff (tech) vexes people. When it gets people's attention, they look for a way to scratch their itch. Being single vexes single people, so they go to OKCupid (like the slogan says, "your date will be OK"). Whatever it is that you can't solve, it may drive you to go online for some resolution. If it's a popular topic that I know something about, I will dig for information and write about it. In shaping my web development to get traffic, I am going to look for solutions to what vexes people; then publish that information.


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