Let's Talk Caprica

IO9 has shown off some interesting spoilers. This isn't about spoilers, but about geeky projections.

During the Olympic Torch Run, I ran into the sister of one of the supporting players. She said that her brother (I'm not going to out her), makes it to the fifth episode, then he and bunch of other characters (maybe people at Graystone?) all get tossed from the show. Killed or laid off in Graystone downsizing: who knows, but I took it as the former. If so, then they get to "Know Thy Enemy" which airs on March 12th.

Esai Morales has hinted that there will be a large time shift in the future of the show.
The chronology runs like this:

Year -69: William Adama is born.
Year -58: Episode 1 of Caprica.
Year -52: The Cylons revolt (now revealed as the worst ever case of a girl with Daddy issues).
Year -40: The Cylon War ends with the arrival of the Final Five.
Year 0: The Fall. Humanity gets nuked and it's literally a 1-in-a-million chance that anyone survived (ie. 50 billion people get attacked, 50,000 head off in a rag tag fleet).

So, there could be a jump to put Caprica's events closer to the onset of the Cylon War. Between the pilot and the first episode (what was that-- three weeks in the show?), little Willie Adama seems to grow my leaps and bounds. If that's the case, then he will be a 29 yr. old youngster by the time the Cylon War ends.... uh... that math doesn't work. Here's why it might disturbingly not work and why Sina Najafi may have some free time coming up.

Here's more from IO9.com:

...I think Graystone Industries is going into places you didn't think it would go, and the relationship between Daniel and the Adama family is surprising. Just a lot of left turns." [L.A. Times]

Heres' a bit of random (but fascinating) speculation. Esai Morales has been pretty vocal lately in hinting that terrible, unthinkable things are going to happen to Joseph Adama later in the season. Everybody assumes that his son Willie Adama is the one character who can't die — but what if he does? And what if Joseph remarries and has another son, whom he also names William? Supporting info includes the fact that Willie's eyes are the wrong color, and Admiral Adama's dossier in "Hero" said his mother was "Evelyn" not "Shannon." (And we just met an Evelyn, the law clerk.)...

So, BSG is good with minutae. It's unlikely that they gaffed on the name previously established. Also, I don't recall much highlight on Joseph Adama being a widower from the BSG era. My theory: Joseph Adama's vengeance on the Graystones backfires. The Adama immediate family was knocked down to two; and the Graystone immediate family was knocked down to that level. Balance plays a cruel turn, and when Daniel Graystone's wife is murdered, his angry Cylon in the basement attacks the Adama's henchman, killing Sam and that boy who he seems to be schooling in the ways of crime (lil' Willie).

That gives Jospeh Adama a moment of clarity and set him on the course to raise a son who will serve as a nugget in the latter days of the Cylon War; and it make him the sort of man who writes law books, instead of hiding bribes in them.


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