The Special Mitten Crowd

Our world is being remade to suit the Special Mitten set-- people who get "special mittens" (see right), partially to keep their hands safe and partially to us safe from their hands. These are the people who fill up the left side of the big swoop in the IQ bell curve. They drive our world. Morons.

Here's the list of people, places and products for the "Special Mitten" set-- people who need to have their mitten pinned onto their jackets for safe keeping:

Casual Dining: Tim Horton's
Highway Lane: Right Lane
Mayor in the CRD: Dean Fortin
TV Network: FoxTV
TV Genre: Reality TV
Best Movie of all Time: Avatar
Best X-Men Movie: X-Men Secret Origins: Wolverine
Best concept: The Bucket List
Leno vs. O'Brien vs. Letterman: Leno

Do you have any additions? Anything that caters to the Special Mitten set?


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