My Ethical Minefield

I have an ethical minefield-- one that is much more unpredictable than what I think other live by. Here's a sample of my moral maze:

Population Density - Good. The only way we can address our travel dynamics and our carbon footprint is to pack people into dense regions. People need to live close to their work and services. If they cannot afford a home, they should have a condo, because you can get booted from an apartment or a sublet condo.
Condos - Evil. Chumps buy condos.
Urban Gardens - Good. Food security, food quality, economy, 0 mile diets, productive recreation-- how could this concept be anything less than awesome?
Bottled Water - Evil. I politely refused bottled water, having faith in the public water supply.
Public Works - Evil. I don't trust that civil servants can manage something important. (cough) Walkerton!
Anti-depressants and ADHD medication - Evil. As Jacobi Mugatu said: "I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!" There is an estimation that 10% of America is on anti-depressants or has been. 30 million people need drugs? Are we sure that people are unreasonable and need medication; or is it that people are living in unreasonable times? When soldiers screamed into battle in WWII, they did so tweaked on amphetimines. Why not just keep giving them uppers all the time from that point on? Maybe they needed them to survive unreasonable stimuli. Anti-depressants are being sold in the millions every day as we spin the hamster wheel to fund the lifestyles of Boomers.
Boomers - Mostly Evil. Nice people lived in Nazi Germany. I'm sure nice people were born from 1947 to 1960. But the dangerous impact on this surge of a population demographic can't be ignored. Before they start to finally die off in the 2030s, they are going to need billions of our dollars to fund their retirement and their healthcare. That money is going to come out of my people's hide-- for the next 25 years I will have to help thicken profit margins so the investments increase as those dividends fund the lifestyles of a statistical anomoly in our population.


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