Make Millions In Minutes-- Sign Up Now!

The title is a little hyperbole but it's close to the claims I'm getting in from these spammers/scammer/shrewd businessmen. One I saw this morning: Mike Filsaime mentored one of these characters to a product launch that netted $250,000 in a week. Really? I'm mean: really?
If it's possible to make $250k in seven days, then everyone should be doing it, right?

So here's the challenge. Make me rich through online marketing, guys. Take me and mold me into a millionaire.
- I write about programming, Drupal, Cthulhu, polymer clay, fiberglass, geekdom (eg. Star Trek), Victoria current events, dieting and cooking. It's what I know about that I want to write about.
- I don't have a book. Well, to be technical: I wrote three unsalable novels, one unfortunate screenplay, one teeny cookbook, one massive IT book and a full novel that reads "All work and no play makes Jack a Dull boy" repeated 7600+ times.
- I don't have a website. Again, to be technical: we have our "company" website, my personal site, a few blogs that I am slowly chloroforming, and a string of sites that have as much popularity as a BP Free Hugs kiosk.
I have an Adsense account. It makes less money than a hobo in the desert.
I have used AdWords: it's a total dud for generating sustained revenue, likely because it drove traffic to a non-existent product. These online marketers are big on "products."

I am throwing down the gauntlet:

To: Joel Comm, Michael Cheney, Mike Filsaime, Jeff Johnson, Rachel Long (and the nameless ones who I have had GMail auto flag as spam)
Subject: Proof In Pudding Please

Dear Sirs/Ma'am,
Your plans work or they do not. You talk about lots of people who have made large sums of cash, but you are vague on the details. For example, the 4-hr. Work Week, is clear about how to keep the time-thieves at bay and how to delegate mundane tasks. Your problem is that you sell nothing more than a "system" or a "method" without more in-depth details. Are you teaching me how to bake bagels, make porn or sell e-books? I can't tell.
Has anyone made money with your system? If so, let's see names and contact emails of people who have actually profited from listening to you. C'mon: if this works well, you have many people to draw from and a couple should be so grateful that they can dish on details.

Yours Truly,

Mike DeWolfe

I think that there is no one out there who actually benefited from their system. Instead, they benefited themselves. Their system is the huckstering of the promise. This is the digital version of Amway. I can slam Amway because whole "upstream downstream" scam of Amway is so well known that even Amway dropped their own company name. I do believe that this handful of people have made money themselves and they've done so on the backs of others. If so, there should be legions of victims. Are you there? Did you fall for the Get Rich Quick schitck, but instead contributed to the cash pile that a few dubious people have been gathering? If so, I'd love to hear what you were promised and how your money and effort didn't turn into anything. How much did they soak you for? Did they hit you with recurring charges? Tell me how! (use the comment system, please).


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