Predator Stalks Quadra-Hillside Area Targetting Boys

This came from a wall post on Facebook. I thought it was important that this information "jump the wall":

"some creep in town tried to snatch my little buddy [Name Omitted] the other day , mom and dad are not happy and neither am I.I hope someone out there finds him before I or his parents do... "

This morning around 11:30, my son, [name omitted], and his friend were chased by a car, while walking. The man in the car got out, & attempted to abduct them {it seems} but thankfully the boyz were together and ran as fast as they could away..the man got back in his car and continued to chase them. While the car chased, [name omitted] friend pulled out his cell and called 911, which spooked the driver so he took off!

If you are driving around today..or walking, please be on the look out for a bright green {almostneon} Civic type, 2 door car. Man was tall, had blonde hair tied in a ponytail & brown eyes. this is my love the police station @ 250-995-7654 quote case:10-32948.{you can also call me on my cell @ [number omitted]}

thank u for just reading! this mumma isn't happy and hopez this douchebag getz caught!!!!>_<


this happened in the Quadra~Hillside area of Victoria! left off Hillside heading towards Hillside mall!


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