Nanaimo2Victoria : Dead Cars and Happy Bicyclists Get a Police Escort

Traffic was backed up for hours on the single highway that goes south on the island into Greater Victoria. The record heat was compounded by traffic moving from 10 to 30 kmh down the highway. The net effect left many cars overheated and left for dead on the side of the road. There are claims that this was because of a poorly planned bike event. The "Nanaimo to Victoria" (N2V) charity ride run that was even given a police escort so that it could occupy the whole of the southbound route.

I guess "sharing the road" means something different to a bicyclist. As motorist, it means I'm supposed to accomodate those on bikes. As a bicyclist, it means "Get off the road-- I have sense of self righteousness and your vehicle uses gasoline."

If your car was one of the ones that paid the price for this charity, here's a list of sponsors you can thank for helping to make this all possible:
  • La-Z-Boy
  • Oak Bay Bicyles
  • Penninsula Co-op
  • Old Victoria Water Company
  • Harbour Side Mechanical
  • Garden City Transportation
Victim reports:


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