In Memory...

Aww... thanks, guys. I am really touched that someone out there has set up the Michael DeWolfe Memorial tournament.
This is ironic, because I am so bad at golf. It is likely that if I ever did play, I would be struck down by a golf ball while on the course.
This is weird, because I was explaining to Alice that there is more than one Mike DeWolfe in the world. Here it turns out, there is actually a Michael DeWolfe worthy of a golf tournament in his honor.
This is probably tied to a bunch of DeWolfe realtors in New England. My theory is that the DeWolfes who could stay clear of the law headed south. The others were in Nova Scotia jails at the time.


Z├ęzette said…
Very sorry to hear about your death, Mike. You were a nice guy.
Cheryl said…
oh, man! and I didn't even get to collect on any life insurance.
Mike DeWolfe said…
Yeah, Cheryl, you got the crappy end of the stick. In life, you had to see him >EW< naked >ICK<. In death, you have see people come every year to hits balls in his honour.

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