Victoria: A City of Fakers

Codewalkers had a question about PHP certifications. Zend's PHP Certification was the lead recommendation. I don't have my certification, yet; but I am planning on getting it in the next 12 months. So, I went to the Zend site and looked for the procedure. Buy the exam guide; take a test at one of the exam centres-- hold it! You can't do that in Victoria. Vancouver: sure. Burnaby: sure. Fort St. John: sure. Fort St. John? I have nothing wrong with that town way in the middle of nowhere, but if the have a test/certification centre, why is it that Victoria-- provincial capital, third largest city, and a place brimming with tech colleges-- doesn't?
I have one good reason: Victoria's IT colleges are mostly scam outfits. If they had a test centre, their students may take the PHP certification and fail. Then, the students would have to ask "Why can't I even pass a test based on what you've taught me?" The good news: there has been some bleach added to the pool.


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